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Currently, a sequential implementation along with examples and benchmark codes is available. Required are a C++ compiler and the Gnu m4 macro processor. The programming model provides an implementation of grids (arrays) and k-ary trees. This demonstrates the programming model and can be used for program development and debugging. No adavanced compilers are needed.

Further, some parallel implementations for pthreads [Unix, Windows], SIMD vector [Pentium/AMD SSE, PowerPC AltiVec], Cell BE [Sony Playstation3, IBM Blade Server], and Cuda [Nvidia GeForce GPU] are available. This is the code transformation system . An additional data dependence analysis tool based on Gnu g++ is needed, which is also be provided here. Note that the programming model is in fact compatible to the sequential model available. In addition to the Gnu m4 macro processor and perl, a special compiler is needed, which can be downloaded separately. The dependence analysis tool is based on Gnu g++ 4 (4.1, 4.2, 4.3). It is provided as a patch to the standard source distribution. This tool is a necessary part of the parallel code generation. Coming soon: An update of the code transformation system for MPI parallel code.


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