AltiVec PowerPC AltiVec SIMD instruction set.freescale  ]
boost threads boost C++ source  ]
Brook+ ATI stream computing.AMD  ]
Cell Cell Broadband Engine.IBM  ]
Ct C for Throughput Computing.Intel Tera-Scale  ]
Cuda nVidia Computer Unified Device Architecture.nVidia  ]
DCMF IBM Deep Computing Messaging Framework.ANL  ]
HMPP Hybrid Multi-core Parallel Programming Environment.CAPS  ]
MPI Message Passing Interface.MPI Forum ]
OpenCL Open Computing Language.Khronos  ]
OpenMP OpenMP Application Program  ]
pthreads POSIX threads.Open Group  ]
PVM Parallel Virtual Machine.ORNL  ]
RapidMind RapidMind Multi-Core Development Platform.RapidMind  ]
shmem SGI SHMEM Programming Model.SGI  ]
SSE IA Streaming SIMD Extensions.Intel Manuals  ]
TBB Intel Threading Building  ]
UPC Unified Parallel C.LBL  ]
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